Valorant webtoon

Fans and players of VALORANT will have the opportunity to create their own comics set in the VALORANT universe thanks to a partnership between Riot Games and the digital comic platform WEBTOON.
Fans of VALORANT are urged to showcase their artistic abilities with the start of this next contest. They’ll need to “bring to life” the “iYi GECELER” agent trailer for Fade, which was made into a fan art of a multi-panel comic and released earlier this year. In that clip, VALORANT agents Cypher, Sova, Neon, and Breach set out for Istanbul, Turkey on a mission to apprehend Fade.

The contest will award four grand prize winners with a “one-hour brainstorming session” with VALORANT’s premium content team. That session will allow the winners to design and create a gun buddy for an upcoming battle pass in VALORANT. Ten total winners will be featured on WEBTOON, as well as VALORANT’s official webpage and social media outlets, according to Riot

VALORANT fans will be able to submit a piece of fan art or a full 20-panel-or-less comic to the official VALORANT x WEBTOON site. Submissions will be open from Aug. 23 to Sept. 18. The winners of the contest will be announced between Sept. 19 and Oct. 5. 

VALOARANT was released in 2020 and has become a global sensation after two years. The game now has a rabid fanbase that consists of active gamers and followers. Organizers around the world have hosted numerous tournaments with prize pools of millions of dollars. The game has a universe of its own and it looks like Riot is leaving no stone unturned to expand the universe by bringing in new ideas.

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