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Ever since Riot Games announced that they have been working on an MMO, the gaming community is eagerly waiting for it to be released. It appears that Asmongold is among the enthusiastic players anticipating the new MMO created by Riot Games and set in the League of Legends universe.

“They [Riot] have a tremendous, massive existing fanbase, they have apparently gigantic fucking world…it’s a huge company, they can spend a tremendous amount of money,” Asmongold said. League’s expansive environment, rich lore, and devoted player community are just a few of the important factors Asmongold listed as contributing to the upcoming MMO’s success.

The streamer also praised Riot for having a successful track record as a game developer, highlighting its history of staying away from pay-to-win models and the popularity it has achieved with titles like League of Legends and VALORANT.

Asmongold did not hold back when drawing comparisons to World of Warcraft. The streamer noted that compared to the upcoming WoW expansion, the “buzz” surrounding League is enormous. Regarding Riot’s MMO, no release date, name, or other specifics regarding the game’s maps, characters, or anything else for that matter, have been confirmed. Before it finally releases, players will probably have to wait a few more years. Since building an MMO requires a lot of time and resources the game won’t be released anytime soon.

A lot of players across the globe are filled with excitement to enjoy Riot’s upcoming MMO. It’s interesting that a popular streamer like Asmongold is adding to this hype by sharing his thoughts about the upcoming game. The League of Legends universe is a very big one where there are many champions who have unique backstories. Comment by Dustin John on Asmongold’s YouTube video reads, “I used to work for Riot and it is really because of the fans that the game’s lore exists today. What happened was we used to receive tons and tons of emails asking what is the story behind this champion and that champion and so on, so the team started to write stuff so that we can reply to those emails and keep the fans and the players interested. That’s basically how it started and snowballed to such vast lore.” This shows Riot’s dedication to their fanbase.

Most recently the League universe was expanded with a Netflix series called the Arcane which received praise from all over the world. You can check out the trailer here.

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