Vampire Esports PMWI

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 is currently held in Riyadh where the top teams from all over the world are participating. The tournament has been divided into two parts Main Event and Afterparty Showdown. The Main Event concluded a few hours ago and was won by Vampire Esports. The team is one of the best in Thailand and after winning this event they have proven their mettle on the global stage.

After winning this event Vampire Esports took home the most significant piece of the prize pool, $500,000. The teams that finished in second and third positions are Team Falcons and Stalwart Esports respectively. Vampire Esports finished top of the table with a whopping 220 points. Team Falcons got 197 while Stalwart Esports got 180 points. Team Soul, one of the biggest names in Indian Esports also took part in this event and finished in 11th place with 102 points. The team wasn’t able to give their best performance but they finished off the event in style by winning a Chicken Dinner in the last match.

The main event was jam-packed with individual awards where Eagle Eye was awarded to Hector from Team Soul, Gunslinger was given to Mike, Grenade Master was given to Wave, and Field Medic was given to GZ. The MVP was given to Action from Stalwart Esports.

He dominated from the very beginning and bagged an insane number of 37 kills to take home the MVP. The conclusion of the main event was filled with glamour and glitterati as Vampire Esports lifted the trophy in style. The next part of this huge tournament which is the Afterparty Showdown will start on August 18, 2022. Another Indian team 7SEA Esports will take part in it.

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