Fanspace launch

India may be new to the blooming esports ecosystem worldwide, but its unparalleled growth in such a short span makes it an important player in the global esport scene. With an aim to incentivize the emerging gaming community, Esports Collective (ESC) launches a beta of FanSpace, an interactive digital platform for the gaming community. The beta will be released on 15th August, the day our country celebrates 75 years of Independence.

FanSpace will be officially accessible on September 18, 2022.

One of the greatest problems in the Indian esports sector, that FanSpace aims to solve, is the unorganized flow of information and accessibility. At the grassroots level, it is impossible for the gamers to keep a tab on the major esports events, match reports, and other development, which ultimately curbs the growth of this promising sector. FanSpace will fill in this lacuna by providing all the latest news and updates in a space that will help create an updated gaming community that will be aware of all the changes taking place in the rapidly evolving esports sector.

FanSpace will capitalize on the communicational aspects of the Indian gaming ecosystem by creating a data-driven platform. All the major sporting events and news will be accessible to pro as well as uninitiated gamers with just a tap on their smartphone.

Aryaman Kataruka, the founder of FanSpace, observes, “We dedicated several months in research to garner insights and understand the problems that lie in competitive gaming. As esports is heading towards a mainstream sport, there is a lack of authentic and one-stop availability of data, statistics and performance metrics of esports athletes and teams”

The major information that will be available on this application are

  •  Coverage of major gaming events taking place in India and worldwide
  • Expert analysis and stats of the esports events
  • Different avenues and prospects related to gaming content creation
  • Breaking news related to esports and gaming in general.

ESC’s new initiative plans to nurture the nascent gaming community that might help it reach its full potential.

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