Manchester United

The first week of the season, and things are already looking down for Manchester United. The fans are furious, and the vultures are circling. What, then, is the latest crisis brewing around the declining Devils?

One game into the new season, the Manchester United house of cards has come crumbling down – again. The goodwill that Erik ten Hag and his team built on their pre-season tour across the globe washed down the drain after an opening day defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion, played in the foreground of an anti-Glazers protest by a select group of fans outside the stadium.

Bigger protests are being planned for the days ahead. The hashtag “EmptyOldTrafford” trended on Twitter on Wednesday morning with fans planning a mass walkout during the Red Devils’ next home game – a thrilling tie against rivals Liverpool.

Amid the brewing turmoil, former Manchester United director Michael Knighton is eyeing a hostile takeover of the club. Knighton revealed his disdain for how the Glazer family has managed the club over the years, calling them out, especially, for their lack of knowledge about the wheeling and dealings of football. The Englishman then confirmed that while the club remains strictly not for sale, he is forming a consortium to try and test the Glazers’ resolve.

“We have an inept and frankly useless ownership who know little about this game of football. Everyone knows that we need new ownership of this football club and that is my aim and those are my objectives,” he said.

“I am making good progress, continuing to talk to the people, I have got some good pledges and good finance. We are now working on the offer document. Remember, it is a hostile bid – that simply means that the club isn’t officially for sale.

“But my intention is to present these owners with a legitimate, potent and commercial offer to say: ‘You have run out of road, it’s time go, because your time is up’.

“And frankly, the fans worldwide have had enough of this regime.”

Manchester United travel away from crisis this weekend. The Red Devils will take a trip to London to face Thomas Frank’s Brentford, a team they beat home and away last season with an aggregate score of 6-1.

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