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Loco is a popular streaming platform among the South Asian streaming community. Competitive shooting games like Valorant and Free Fire or GTAV have been the most watched games so far, but recent trends show, that different games are also gaining popularity. If you want to expand your taste, these are five games that you should look out for.

  • Fall Guys- this game had an incredible player surge since its latest update that made it free-to-play. The total player count for this game now stands at 50 million in just two weeks after the update. Fall Guy’s unique battle royale style resembling Takeshi’s Castle, one of the landmark shows in South Asian pop culture, might have contributed to its popularity.
  • FIFA 22- While football as a sport may not replace Cricket in terms of popularity in the Indian subcontinent, FIFA has remained one of the definitive sports-based computer games for younger generations. The introduction of FIFA as one of the esports titles for the 19th Asian Games, as well as India’s qualification to the FIFAe Nation cup, have contributed to its rising popularity in India.
  • Ludo- This strategy-based board game needs no introduction. It is one of those games that has entertained players from all age groups. Post COVID-19 there was a surge in popularity of the online- PVP Ludo, as it helped connect friends during quarantine.
  • Apex Legends- Apex has gained a lot of popularity since its introduction due to the futuristic Titanfall-like landscape and dynamic gameplay style. This game has over 760 thousand viewers, with a gradually rising concurrent player count. The insane in-game maneuvers and flashy combat makes it an enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Fortnite- Fortnite is a biggy in the battle royale genre, and there’s no doubt it’s here to stay as one of the most watched esports. It has kept up with pop-culture trends across the world and has collaborated with franchises like Marvel and DC. With over 860 thousand viewers on Loco, it is one of the most sought-after games on the platform.

As we always say esports like traditional sports is a huge arena and it is filled with a lot of games. In order to boost competition and bolster the growth of esports, it is good to see that all these games are gaining traction on Loco. The platform is very popular among the Indian esports community and the high viewership numbers of these games show us that esports viewers are really broadening their horizons.

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