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BGMI was the most popular esport game in India until its ban. The game was the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile which revolutionized esports in India. The blooming mobile esports sector has created a space for new players to rise and shine in this competitive battle-royale game. The large number of fans across the country who follow this game tells about the rising popularity of esports in India.

BGMI players with unique gameplay styles have enthralled BGMI fans across the country. From gunplay to strategy, these esports athletes have showcased skills that are applicable to any other esport. Here we will introduce you to some of the star players as of 2022. The list includes rising players and veterans who have been dominating the sport for quite some time now.

  • Jonathan- Jonathan Jude Amaral aka Jonathan Gaming is perhaps India’s most popular BGMI player in 2022. He has captivated fans with his awesome spotting skills. He has consistently held his status as the MVP for his team Godlike Esports. His wicked clutching and spotting skills have helped Godlike Esports reign as one of the best BGMI teams in several tournaments.
  • Akshat- “Soul” Akshat is a rising assaulter who has joined and assisted Team Soul bag a lot of victories. Akshat has been labeled the clutch master for his ability to singlehandedly take down entire squads in tight close-combat scenarios and impressive fragging skills. He has previously played for Chemin Esports, another big name in BGMI fandom.
  • NInjaJOD- Sahoo Subham Rajan alias Ninja JOD is a promising player who plays with TSM (Team Solo Mid). He is an adrenaline dealer with insane entry fragging skills, that have helped his team secure the second position in the Battleground Mobile India Series. Ninja JOD has secured the tag of the MVP in AMD Skyesports Mobile Open with 85 finishes.
  • Snax- Raj “Snax” Verma is a pro player who has captivated fans with his DP 28 burst skills. He has played with Team Insidious and currently plays with Team XO. He has assisted the team to secure the top rank in the Upthrust Esports India Rising 2022 and Skyesports Grand Slam 2022. Besides being a gamer, he is also a regular vlogger who shares a lot of skills and strategies about the game on his YouTube channel “Snax Gaming”.
  • Saumraj- Saumya Raj, aka “Saumraj” is a rising BGMI player who has delivered impressive performance in the BGIS. He displays great in-game leadership, as well as top-notch fragging and assault skills that have helped Team Skylightz Gaming secure the top position in BGIS 2021. He has also played for Godlike Esports in PMGC 2021, where his role was instrumental to help the team bag the only victory in the tournament.

Since BGMI has been removed, these players are most likely to migrate to a different game. This would help the ever-growing esports community to learn from them and push forward. The game that is currently being eyed by many BGMI pros is New State Mobile.

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