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The VALORANT LCQ North America has started and the first match was played between Sentinels and The Guard. The teams played against each other in three VALORANT maps- Breeze, Ascent, and Icebox. Shroud was quite impressive in his debut but Sentinels managed to win only one map while The Guard won two of them which helped them in securing victory.

Every esports fan around the world recognizes Shroud. Not only do they recognize him but they also idolize him. He is followed by 10.2 million people on Twitch and his videos have been watched 571 million times. The pro gamer who was part of Cloud9’s CS:GO roster, retired from competitive esports in 2018. Nonetheless, he continued playing and streaming popular games. This year the international esports community was on top of the world when the Sentinels announced on July 8 that Shroud will be joining their Valorant roster.

Here are the highlights from the match

Shroud performed an amazing triple kill to conclude the first map on Breeze which was spectacular. His gun spray and accurate aim were legendary. He also executed four players in the Icebox map to help his team in the overtime. Sentinels, however, lost their momentum and fell to The Guard 2-1 to drop to the lower bracket. The final scoreboard of the match was:

Breeze: The Guard 13- Sentinels 15

Ascent: The Guard 13- Sentinels10

Icebox: The Guard 15- Sentinels13

In the first match in Breeze, The Guard won 13 rounds while Sentinels won 15. The second match in Ascent was won by The Guard with a final score of 13-10. The third match played in Icebox became the decider which was won by The Guard in overtime (an extra round takes place when the match ends in a draw).

Fans of Sentinels and Shroud will have to wait a few more days to catch them in action once more. The Guard, meanwhile, has qualified for the upper bracket’s next round. They will next be against the champions of Cloud9 and Shopify Rebellion match.

You can watch the full match here.

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