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The VALORANT esports scene is heating up and teams from all around the world have started bootcamping. Some of the most anticipated esports competitions will be played in the following weeks as Riot’s popular 5v5 keeps making significant strides in the international esports scene. The upcoming tournaments will not be played in an esports venue but all the teams will join in from their respective bootcamps. For starters, a Bootcamp is a fully equipped training facility for an esports team where they can play and hang out. All the top esports organizations in the world have their own bootcamps.

Two big tournaments, VCT Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) and Champions will be played in the upcoming days. The VCT LCQ APAC has already started and the VCT LCQ North America (NA) starts from tomorrow. VCT LCQ NA is getting all the hype because of the Sentinels who were the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 winners. The team will start their VCT LCQ campaign by playing against The Guard. Things got more interesting this year after the Sentinels added esports sensation Shroud to their roster.

ZETA DIVISION announced on Twitter that their VALORANT roster is starting their bootcamp for the upcoming tournaments. The Japanese team will start grinding for the upcoming Champions tournament which will start in September. The bootcamping will start in Poland where the players will try to get accustomed to the timezone and the overall atmosphere of a foreign country. The VALORANT Champions Tour last chance qualification starts tomorrow, the North American teams have been bootcamped there for the last few weeks. Since Michael “shroud” Grzesiek and Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro were introduced, the North American giants Sentinels have been bootcamping. The group will attempt to rebound from a poor regular season in which they tied for last place with TSM. In the VCT NA Stage Two Challengers, Sentinels only managed to win one map. They didn’t win a single series during the entirety of the competition. 

Before the last chance qualifier, teams from other organizations, like Cloud9, FaZe, and others, are prepping in a boot camp. Cloud9 is using the OpTic facility for its operations.

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