Rainbow Six siege mobile

If you are a first-person shooter fan, then you must be familiar with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige. It’s one of those fast-paced military simulations that can put your strategic abilities to the test. A mobile port of Rainbow Six has been made available for Android phones. This is a piece of good news for fans of mobile action/strategy games. Pre-registration for Rainbow Six Mobile is open on Google Play. This game is now in the beta testing phase.

Earlier Ubisoft had announced that a team of developers was working on a mobile port of the famous Tom Clancy game, that will allow players a point of entry into the Rainbow Six universe through their handheld devices.

Rainbow Six Mobile Pre-registration available for Android phones

Fans of the original Rainbow Six are a bit skeptical about the mobile port. They speculate that the mobile version will be a scaled-down version of the game that will compromise the actual gameplay experience. We cannot entirely disagree with such speculations, but considering how important this IP is to Ubisoft, we can hope that the developers will put in the best effort to make the mobile port an immersive multiplayer simulation.

Ubisoft claims the multiplayer Rainbow Six mobile will deliver a “competitive, tactical and immersive FPS experience” to the players. In the era of the rapidly emerging esports sector, Rainbow Six might be a game changer. The trailers comprising of pre-alpha stage testing footage, and in-game cinematics, look quite promising.

The gameplay layout is similar to multiplayer games like Valorant and CS:GO. Two teams consisting of five players will assume the role of attackers or defenders. The maps and the characters are renditions of the assets of the original R6. We will have to wait till the final release to see if Ubisoft’s latest mobile multiplayer will be able to steal the show.

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