new agent in Valorant

Valorant is undeniably one of the most popular competitive FPS games in India. The concurrent player count is around ten thousand active players. Although a mobile port seems unlikely in the near future, the developers have decided to surprise the player base with new additions. According to recent rumors, a new Indian Agent might be around the corner. We will tell you everything you need to know about the potential Indian Agent, Varun Batra!

Agents with unique abilities form the pivot of the gameplay in Valorant. Each agent is endowed with special skill advantages that can be unleashed during the game. At present, there are a total of 19 agents available for the players. But Riot Games have a tendency to hype the fanbase when a new release is close at hand. From a recent update, it is possible for us to speculate that our next new agent might be.

Who is Varun Batra and what do we know about him so far

According to a tweet by floxay where a screenshot from an email on Range, Varun Batra is an agent from Omega Earth, working with Legion. As most of us are aware Legion is an organization from the Omega earth consisting of agents whose operations include gathering radianite from Alpha earth. Batra is an antiquities expert working for the Legion.

In-game emails in Valorant have been an effective way of announcing new characters prior to their launch. This trend was seen before the launch of agent Neon, which was also announced as a power source in an email.

As the name suggests, the new ‘power source’ Varun Batra, could be of Indian Origin. Our new Indian agent might make his debut by the end of the year. As per the email by Brimstone, despite Varun’s role as a Legion agent, he may have had ties with REALM. With such limited information, fans can only speculate what this new character would be like.

One of the interesting speculations is that of Varun’s special abilities. Fans suggest that Varun may have water manipulation abilities, which might be a reference to the Hindu god Varuna, who has the ability to harness the power of water and rain. The latest Valorant announcement is due on the 24th of August where we hope to get more information about the upcoming characters.

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