West Indies vs India 2nd T20I Cricket Prediction

Call 19: West Indies vs India, 2nd T20I – Over 14.5 Sixes to be hit in the match

Don’t let the international match results at Warner Park fool you. It is one of the world’s smallest cricket grounds, and if there isn’t anything unusual about the pitch, with the firepower and intent these two teams showcase in T20s, there should be plenty of sixes.

In the knockout stages of CPL 2021, for example, 66 sixes were hit in 3 games, despite the venue having hosted 30 league stage matches. The fact that Warner Park produced such high scoring games towards the back end of the tournament despite hosting 33 games in 20 days says a lot about the general nature of the pitches and ground dimensions.

In CPL 2021 at Warner Park: Total Matches – 33, 6s Hit – 520, Avg 6s per match – 15.7

Prediction Success Rate – 86% (Calls Made – 18, Right Calls – 12, Wrong Calls – 2, Calls Void – 4)

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