FIFAe Nations Cup 2022

The FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 presented by EA Sports was played from July 27, 2022, to July 30, 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The tournament took place on an international stage where twenty-four countries participated to win the competition. Brazil dominated all the other nations and took home the silverware after defeating Poland in the final. India also took part in this coveted competition but was knocked out in the group stages.

The tournament was a testament to FIFA esports where players from all around the world came together to show their skills and talents. Twenty-four teams gave their best till the very end to put up a spectacular show of football on the computer screens. Denmark qualified for the tournament by being its host. Eleven teams from Europe, four teams from Asia and Oceania three teams from the Middle East and Africa, three teams from South America, and two teams from North and Central America were present in the tournament.

The FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 had a huge prize pool of $400,000. The Selecaos won the cup and took home a big chunk of $120,000 from the prize pool. Brazil’s roster consisted of Crepaldi10, Klinger, and PHzin. Poland was awarded $60,000 for being the runners-up. The third and fourth places were grabbed by Italy and Sweden respectively. The goal of the tournament was awarded to LaczyNasPilka of Poland.

A highlight of the final match

Brazil won the second leg to win the FIFAe Nations Championship for 2022, raising the new bespoke trophy for the first time in Copenhagen, and cementing their place in FIFAe history. The first leg ended in a scoreless draw, leaving everything up to the second leg. Poland took an early lead in the game, but a quick response followed by a 90th-minute flicked winner meant Brazil prevailed. Brazil defeated important European nations like Spain, Italy, and the reigning FIFAe Nations Champions France en route to the final. Check out the final match here.

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