India vs Australia CWG 2022 T20I Predictions

Call 18: Australia vs India, Match 1, Group A – Over 27.5 fours to be hit

As we’ve mentioned in a few of our other predictions, women’s cricket means fours. Even with how far the game has progressed since 2017, most women’s cricketers still lack the power to consistently clear fields, so their runs mainly come from boundaries.

And when two batting units as good as Australia and India are involved, expect plenty of fours to be hit. On a deck as conducive to batting as Edgbaston, Birmingham, 27.5 is an appealing line that should be crossed on the majority of occasions.

Prediction Success Rate β€“ 85% (Calls Made – 17, Right Calls – 11, Wrong Calls – 2, Calls Void – 4)

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