Valorant Game Changers

The VCT Game Changers Championship has run into controversy after a teabagging incident that took place between some players. Teabagging is an obscene in-game gesture that is done in multiplayer FPS games. Riot Games have suspended the players who were disrespectful toward their opponents.
The players who have been banned are”Dawn” and “Risorah”. Dawn has received a three-month ban while Risorah has received a nine-month ban. Risorah was banned for harassing another player and making vulgar remarks that singled out and isolated them, while Dawn was banned for posting “vulgar and targeted” comments on another user’s social media account.

Teabagging is done after a player is knocked out and the surviving player crouches over the face of the dead player’s corpse. It is a very obscene gesture and is mostly done by pro players to humiliate their opponents. One month ago a discussion took place in the Galorants community where a member questioned if teabagging in a video game constituted sexual harassment. The Galorants took down the Discord server for a week in order to address a variety of problems. They issued a statement on Twitter regarding the matter.

For the uninitiated, Galorants is an online community that aims to create a space where women & nonbinary gamers can connect, learn, and grow.

In an unofficial tournament, the organizers generally dismiss teabagging as a harmless offense but here Riot has officially ruled on the two players in question. Dawn refuted Riot’s claims that it used evidence to support its findings in a Twitlonger

Numerous VCT Game Changers tournaments as well as other competitions for women and other disenfranchised genders have seen recurrent issues. Hopefully, Riot Games enures proper measures to make the Game Changers esports scene fair and square for the players.

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