S8UL Sid has alleged GodLike Esports and Team INS for conspiring against S8UL in a LAN Event

The BGMI Showdown LAN event concluded yesterday and 7SEA Esports have been declared as winners. After winning this tournament 7SEA will be taking part in the upcoming PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022.

The BGMI Showdown was watched by thousands of people but it has now become part of a controversy with accusations swirling around that two organizations have teamed up to hamper the performance of another. The organizations who are part of this allegation are GodLike Esports, Team INS, and Soul. The allegations have been brought forward by Team Soul manager and popular content creator Sid Joshi.

As esports India continues to grow at a rapid pace it is seeing new controversies happening just like any other sport. This controversy has surfaced after a few weeks of the TSM and GodLike controversy which took place before the BGMI Masters Series.

Details of the allegations

Sid is a former professional esports player and is well respected in the Indian esports community.  He was in charge of Team Soul in the recently concluded BGMI Showdown LAN competition. He revealed on social media how well-known teams were collaborating during the competition to prevent Team Soul from reaching the Grand Finals. The popular streamer implied that Team INS and GodLike Esports were working together against them.

In competitive gaming, a team-up is something when two or more teams develop a strategy to eliminate another team. In this way, they sabotage the team’s chances of progressing in a particular tournament. The well-known broadcaster said that during the bathroom break between Day 3’s first and second games, players from the two teams were allegedly contemplating teaming up against Team Soul. He said that although the players could refute the claims, the entire conversation had been recorded by someone (who remained anonymous).

You can view Sid’s entire statement here –

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