Ravi Shastri's comments spark outrage on Cricket Twitter

Former Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri’s call to reduce the number of Test-playing nations to six has sparked outrage on Twitter.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “Test cricket will always remain. In India, franchise cricket brings in the coffers but all players want to play Test cricket because you play it for 10 years and you are remembered.

“But if you want Test cricket to survive you cannot have 10, 12 teams playing. Keep the top six, keep the quality of cricket going and respect quality over quantity. Expand teams in T20 or one-day cricket if you want to spread the game, but reduce the teams in Test cricket so you have to qualify for the top six if you want to be playing Tests matches.

“Test cricket tests you, you need quality. So if there is no quality then who is going to watch it? You are going to have two or three-day games. It is also expensive to host Test cricket so spread the game with white-ball cricket.”

Fans and experts on Twitter pounced on Shastri’s suggestion that lower-ranked and smaller cricketing nations be denied access to the longest format of the game, pointing out flaws in his logic.

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