Esports giants Riot Games launches broadcast centre in Dublin

Esports giants Riot Games has announced the launch of one of their three broadcast centres in Swords, Co Dublin and it will serve as a hub for global events and will be a part of their live esports project called, Project Stryker, the company said on Wednesday.

The 6000 sq feet facility is a massive move from the Esports giants as they have announced the creation of 120 jobs in Dublin adding to their 165 existing employees in Ireland. The company has invested  €18.5 in Project Stryker making its intentions clear with the development and fine-tuning of its three remote broadcast centres in Swords, Seattle and one in the Asia-Pacific region.

The project will broadcast esports productions serving 140m people all over the globe with the help of their hosts Amazon Web Services.

The broadcast centre is located at the same place where there was Wright Venue NightClub in the Airside Retail Park. This centre in Dublin will increase Riot Games’ ability to broadcast events to a larger set of audiences especially in Europe while bringing the operational costs down considerably.

“This is truly an exciting day for Riot Games and the future of esports. Project Stryker has come a long way from a visionary concept three years in the making to this incredible state-of-the-art creative space that further extends Riot’s footprint in the city and showcases the deep ties to entertainment and innovation found in Dublin,” said John Needham, the president of esports at Riot Games.

He shared how they would not have selected a better venue than this for their company and especially for their European activities for Project Styker. “We could not have selected a better location for our European headquarters for Project Stryker,” Needham added.

The broadcast centre at Swords is the first of the three sites built by Riot Games as they are planning even bigger for their Project Stryker. It was also shared how Ireland was an ideal position for them to set up a broadcast centre and also their European headquarters considering their infrastructure, strategic position of the country in the European market and also the talent pool present in the global esports ecosystem.

“Three years in the making, Project Stryker is the culmination of a commitment by Riot Games to continuous innovation and to provide the best possible playing and viewing experience for our fans,” said Allyson Gormley, general manager of Project Stryker.

It is definitely a step in the right direction for Riot Games and their new broadcast centre will open new avenues, especially in the European market it surely has the potential to be a game changer in the global esports ecosystem with its lofty aims from Project Stryker.

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