Valorant has been around for quite some time now. The FPS by Riot Games became a favorite among gamers after a few months of its release due to its low entry barrier. The game also introduced a breath of fresh air in the esports scene with its unique aesthetics and game play. It has helped in bolstering esports with many major tournaments hosted around the world in the last two years. Riot Games is now planning to increase the representation of women in Esports with the VCT Game Changers Series and the VCT Game Changers Academy.

The Valorant esports scene is constantly being improved by Riot Games. Evident from their ongoing development and support of events targeted primarily at smaller locations. As more locations begin to host the Valorant Game Changers series in 2022, Riot will have another important tool in its arsenal for growing the Valorant esports industry.


The Valorant Game Changers tournament series, which is exclusive to women, was created with the purpose of showcasing the talent and popularity of female players who are notably underrepresented in the Valorant pro scene as a whole. Through this series, the APAC area in particular has experienced tremendous growth and serves as a shining example of how authentic Valorant esports is.

According to Riot Games’ Senior Director of Esports WHALEN “MAGUS” ROZELLE, “VCT Game Changers is a new program which will supplement the competitive season by creating new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized genders within VALORANT esports. The competitive VALORANT community is both diverse and incredibly global, and our esport should reflect that. Through Game Changers, we hope to build towards a VALORANT Champions Tour that is more inclusive and representative of our community.”

Check out the entire schedule and format of the VCT Game Changers APAC 2022 Series in detail here

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