Apex Legends Cash Cup Postponed

A scheduled Apex Legends tournament for players in the EU has been postponed today by the esports tournament platform Hyperluxe, following the lead of traditional sports events across the U.K. that have been canceled or cut short to protect participants from the dangerous heatwave sweeping the nation. Hyperluxe Gaming is an Esports platform that gives players the opportunity to play in tournaments and win prizes. The scheduled tournament is called the Apex Legends Cash Cup where 20 teams from the EU (European Union) will play. The tournament has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Apex Legends Cash Cup Postponed

Hyperluxe released a statement on Twitter addressing the delay. “Due to the unbearable temperature in the UK we will be postponing today’s event until everyone can compete comfortably,” Hyperluxe said. “The health and safety of our participants is our top priority.”

While it might appear that playing online games in the comfort of their living rooms or bedrooms will shield players from the historic heat, air conditioning is uncommon in the UK and most structures are not made to withstand high temperatures, leaving occupants unpleasant.

The decision to postpone the event was taken after speaking with Hyperluxe’s personnel in the U.K. One of them compared their advanced PC setup for the tournament to have an unwanted space heater in a room that was already excruciatingly hot and muggy. The spokesperson acknowledged that competitors were unlikely to have access to air conditioning because it was rarely required. Gaming setups are subjected to extreme levels of performance during a heatwave like this because of how much heat PCs can produce. This may lead to a setup malfunctioning while the players are using them. Rooms with gaming machines in them can get uncomfortably hot even under regular circumstances. The surging heat waves are potentially dangerous this week. The tournament has been rescheduled to start on July 24 given the heat conditions return back to normal.

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