12th Khiladi Fantasy Cricket Coverage

We noticed a decline in the quality of our fantasy cricket coverage 20 days after the IPL ended. It wasn’t the same as it was during the IPL, when fantasy alone accounted for one-third of our total link hits, with peak traffic occurring 10 minutes after the toss of each IPL game. So we had two options at that point: keep being mediocre or stop temporarily and resume once we found the right people. We chose the latter, as we have with everything we have done thus far.

So we announced a nationwide search for India’s best fantasy cricket tipper here. (Read: 12th Khiladi’s Fantasy Guru Competition)

Our most important takeaway from those 20 days was that our IPL fantasy cricket tippers who did well during the tournament struggled to adapt to the varying strategical demands of the other two formats, ODI and Test cricket. Not valuing anchors in One-Day Internationals, ignoring specialist keepers in Test cricket for batting form, not knowing as much about other countries’ players as they did with the IPL, failing to understand the ebbs and flows of an ODI game, and so on. This surprised us, but it also reflects T20’s dominance in the cricket world and cricket’s complexities in general.

As a result, the tournament was designed so that only those with a thorough understanding of all three formats could advance.

We chose 16 applicants from among the hundreds we received based on their win percentage and added two wild card entries on top of that to compete in a gruelling 10-day competition. During the competition, the contestants had to compete in 20 different matches ranging from domestic T20 leagues to Test matches, and they were evaluated based on a variety of metrics to determine who the best among them were.

At the end of the 10-day comp, we picked three of the best performing contestants to join our fantasy analytics team, and they will resume fantasy coverage from today’s Ireland vs New Zealand match.

The following are the two winners:

  • Hitesh Mina (Pre Tournament Ranking – 13)
  • Saino V Zachariah (Pre Tournament Ranking – 1)

Aakash Goyal, who was wild carded in the middle of the tournament, impressed enough to be selected to cover India games.

If you are one of those who missed out, don’t worry. We will hold another talent search in three months, and if you win, you will be hired!

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