Sony Playstation aquires Repeat gg

Sony is acquiring the online platform as they continue their foray in esports. Their acquisition of technology company by PlayStation represents a further increase in PlayStation’s esports investment.

The online gaming platform also announced the completion of the deal via Twitter

What is is an online global platform where players from around the world host and participate in tournaments for winning cash prizes.

Leaderboard competitions are held by and are intended to broaden the appeal of esports. It keeps track of gamers’ performance in games and enables them to compete without simultaneously being online.

More than 2.3 million people have participated in the company’s more than 100,000 tournaments.

According to Steven Roberts, vice president of worldwide competitive gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment, “at PlayStation, our goal for esports has always been about lowering obstacles for players to compete at all levels.”

He further said, “We’re eager to explore further opportunities for gamers to participate in competitive gaming and broaden the scope of our esports offerings in collaboration with the excellent team.”

According to, it will continue to offer games for devices other than PlayStation, such as mobile, PC, and other consoles.

Sony is going all the way to capitalise on the gigantic rise of esports

Along with its ongoing investment in live multiplayer games, PlayStation has been heavily promoting esports. Sony Interactive Entertainment joined as a co-owner of the renowned fighting game competition Evo in March of last year.

Additionally, it sponsors PlayStation Tournaments, which have featured 30 games and occurred in more than 70 nations. In 8,000 competitions last year, gamers took home more than $5 million in prizes, and 50,000 of them were cash rewards. It already has seven million registered participants and plans to organise over 8,000 competitions this year.

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