FaZe Clan conquers Cologne

In the IEM Cologne 2022 Grand Finals, FaZe Clan defeated Na’Vi after eight arduous hours of play. The best CS:GO team in the world would be decided by a matchup between FaZe Clan and Na’Vi, and neither team let the other down. Although Na’Vi couldn’t be written off, FaZe Clan entered the Grand Finals strong strong off a better group stage showing than Na’Vi.

The Faze Clan’s CS:GO roster for IEM Cologne included Robban, Ropz, Rain, Broky, Karrigan and Twistzz. The victory in this championship made Faze the first team to win a CS:GO Major, a Pro League title, IEM Katowice, and IEM Cologne in a single calendar year.

Details of the fight between the two CS:GO giants

Starting off strong, FaZe defeated Na’Vi 16-13 on Inferno. Immediately after, Na’Vi answered with their own 16-13 victory on the Overpass map, handing FaZe their first map loss of the competition.

In the third round in the Ancient map, Na’Vi really put the pressure on helping FaZe to lead 15-4. After a great comeback, FaZe was able to force overtime, but Na’Vi held on to win 19-16, putting them one map win away from claiming back-to-back championships.

To force a crucial map five, FaZe came prepared to play and handily defeated Na’Vi on Mirage to win the match 16-9. The world’s greatest players engaged in a violent back-and-forth on the Nuke map to determine the victor of IEM Cologne 2022. Before rain sent FaZe to the back and the board in round six, Na’Vi won the first five rounds. After six rounds, we were tied 6-6. Before Fa’Ze went on a little run, they exchanged rounds with Navi for a time. Fa’Ze led 13-9 after a fantastic triple by Broky in round 20 and a 2v1 by Twistzz in round 22. This round, S1mple struggled in the midgame, which undoubtedly contributed to FaZe’s comeback.

When it appeared that FaZe would win, SDY came to the rescue with a last-second save for Na’Vi to end their comeback and make the score 10-13. Perfecto’s last-second defuse made the score 13-13, and Electronic gave Na’Vi the lead by one in the round after that. The score was 14-13 with a few more rounds to go. In the final stages of the game Twistzz took charge of the game with back to back clutches. Navi gave their best to win the final round but their b1t was put down by Faze’s broky and karrigan. This final play by Faze decided the match and they became the champions of IEM Cologne 2022. Check out the moment here

Faze took home a grand cash prize of $400,000. They will be setting their sights next on Intel Grand Slam.

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