BGMI Masters Series 2022

Indian esports firm NODWIN gaming has been a revelation for the country as they have been one of the leading esports companies all over the globe. They are often known for their unique innovations as they come up with different ideas every now and then. However this time they have scripted history in esports as they collaborated with Star Sports Network for telecasting India’s first ever tournament, Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) Masters Series. The currently ongoing series which is getting television coverage via Star Sports has broken all the viewership records on Star Sports and also on streaming platforms like Loco and Glance Live.

Image credit - Nodwin Gaming
MVP of the Tournament – GodLike’s Jonathan

The tournament and especially the coverage that has taken place has helped esports come out of the dark in India and be a part of the mainstream conversations among a larger audience. It has also promoted the esports industry to such a level that it will now have huge branding and advertising opportunities.

With the finale scheduled on July 17, the winning team will clinch beautiful silverware along with prize money of 25 lakhs and also a brand new Hyundai car which is worth 13 lakhs. The excitement is aplenty as teams like GodLike, Soul and Global ESports are fighting for the crown things are for sure going down the wire.

The entire BGMI Masters Series from June 24 to July 17 was televised on Star Sports and it paid great dividends as it clocked 1.2 million impressions on Day 1 and 12.3 million views through the first eight days of action on television. The impressions on First Day were so much so that it was more than imminent sporting events like the Australian Open 2022 which recorded 10.5 lakh/1 million impressions on Day 1 whereas French Open was also close by as they recorded much less at 6.5 lakh impressions. Shockingly the BGMI Master Series did better than the UEFA Champions League semi-finals from last season saw 4.5 lakh impressions much less in comparison.

The viewership on Loco and Glance Live was really impressive as well as they recorded a combined 53.9 million views from July 24 to July 2.  

With this tournament being a humongous success, it looks like more and more such events will be organized and more importantly televised. Overall it reflects the power and interest of esports as a whole in India.

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