BGMI Masters Series 2022

The BGMI Masters Series 2022 has come to an end and Global Esports has scripted history by winning it. In the final week, the team put up a spectacular show of team coordination, strategy, and consistency to take home the silverware. Global Esports’ journey started slowly at the beginning of the tournament but they inched past the qualifiers and made it to the Grand Finals. In the final week, they made sure that nothing came in their way and master planning topped with brilliant execution helped them to win the tournament. They ended the tournament by climbing to the top of the table with a massive 201 points.

Global Esports received prize money of INR 25,00,000 for winning the competition. GodLike received INR 12,00,000 for being the first runner-up and Orangutan got INR 7,00,000 for finishing as the second runner-up while Soul took home the fan favorite award. The MVP of the Grand Finals was awarded to Jonathan from GodLike Esports.

Here are all the highlights from the Final Day of the BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Winner- Enigma Forever

The final day kicked off in Erangel and with 12 kills in the first game, Team Enigma Forever—led by star player Owais—put on an outstanding display and won. With a solid rotation and 10 kills, Skylightz came in the second position after them. While Orangutan and Soul were eliminated early, Team GodLike executed the late rotations very well to earn the third spot with six frags. Vexe from Skylightz Gaming took the MVP for 7 finishes, 792 damage points, and 341 healing done.

Match 2- Sanhok

Winner- Blind Esports

Blind Esports capitalized on their favorable position in the third match’s last zone to secure a victory with 11 kills. With nine frags, 8Bit finished in second place, and Enigma Forever once more cracked the top three with four frags. GodLike and Team Soul each earned five and three points. Deadpool became the MVP of the match with 6 finishes and 740 damage points.

Match 3- Miramar

Winner- Global Esports

In order to open the field and enable Orangutan to defeat FS Esports, Global Esports displayed remarkable restraint. After defeating Orangutan, Global Esports claimed an eight-kill Chicken Dinner in the final stages of the match. The first two members of Team Soul were eliminated by 8Bit, and Enigma Gaming eliminated the final two. After this elimination Soul’s hopes of winning the tournament were over.

Match 4- Erangel

Winner- OR Esports

OR Esports won the final match of the competition with 11 finishes. Global Esports scored 20 points during the game, which enabled them to win the Masters Series trophy. Eight of the points that the orangutan got came from their position.

Here are the team standings after the Final Standings of the BGMI Masters Series 2022:

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