BGMI Masters Series 2022

The fourth day of the grand finals has concluded and the top three teams are GodLike, Orangutan, and Soul with 178, 166, and 153 points respectively. BGMI esports on Indian television couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. Team GodLike is showing the sports-crazy nation that winning a national-level sports tournament is not an easy thing but perseverance and passion are all you need to prove your naysayers wrong.

The final act of this four-week-long drama will be filled with blood, sweat, and tears as the best BGMI players from around the country start fighting tonight. All in all the tournament is on the verge of writing a new chapter in the history of Indian esports.

Here are all the highlights from the Grand Finals Day 4 of the BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Winner- OR Esports

On the Erangel map, the first match of day 4 was contested. Enigma Gaming and OR Esports started the fourth day off right with a stellar performance. Enigma Gaming got 15 finishes on the Erangel match in the opening match of day 4 and came in second. OR took charge of the match as the final circle’s position gave them an advantage. Attanki went on a rampage and finished all the opponents almost singlehandedly.   OR Esports won the game with a total of 11 finishes. Eggy won the MVP award in this game.

Match 2- Sanhok

Winner- Enigma Gaming

The Sanhok map served as the scene for the second map of day 4. Chemin Esports, Enigma Gaming, Team XO, Godlike Esports, and Team Enigma Forever were in the circle for the decisive move. Enigma Gaming was already holding a strong compound in the zone region as other teams moved slowly to the following circle. Enigma Gaming won the Sanhok map, as the squad achieved a total of 8 finishes, thanks to the zone advantage and a strong compound holding.

Match 3- Miramar

Winner- GodLike Esports

The Miramar map, a desert map renowned for long-range battles, was the third map of day 4. We have seen Godlike Esports’ previous aggression in this map, where the squad has completely swept everyone away like a storm. Along with the Chicken Dinner, Team Godlike earned a total of 2 finishes on the Miramar map. With this victory, the team took the top spot on the BGMS Grand Finals scoreboard. Jonathan won the game’s MVP award.

Match 4- Erangel


Godlike Esports went for finishes in the final match of the night and got 7 finish points. The team finished at the 10th position and Team Orangutan played consistently and took home 21 points. Nigma Galaxy was the team who bounced back with a great WWCD. The team claimed a total of 15 finishes in the match. Wixxky claimed the MVP title of the match.

Here are the team standings after the Final Week Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series 2022:

BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals Day 4
BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals Day 4

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