Why 12th Khiladi's cricket predictions can make you richer

Disclaimer: The following article only applies to those living in countries where sports betting is legal.

If you had followed 12th Khiladi, read this article (12th Khiladi Cricket Predictions | July 15), and decided to try your luck by evenly splitting your $1,000 on the four predictions, you would have become 800 dollars richer in one day. 


3 of those 4 predictions had odds of 1.83 or higher with top licensed sports bookmakers, and one had odds of 1.72. And that’s not all. 

Cricket predictions are nothing new to us. This was in addition to the Predictor Prasanna series (Read: Predictor Prasanna’s cricket predictions), which the 12th Khiladi has been working on since June 12, 2022. If you are a regular reader of the Predictor Prasanna series and sports betting is legal in your country, starting with $1,000 and using one of the many appropriate investment strategies, you could have doubled your investment in one month. 

A more aggressive investment strategy could have even yielded 5X positive results, considering we got 12 of our 13 high-odds (1.8+, with a couple of 1.7 exceptions) cricket predictions correct between Predictor Prasanna and Alagappan Vijayakumar’s cricket predictions. 

Is it really as simple as you claim?

Of course, it isn’t. There’s a reason why they say “the house always wins”. To get as many high-odds predictions right as we have, you must have incredible patience, great discipline, and an understanding of the various sports betting philosophies, or you will be wrecked beyond redemption.

So how are 12th Khiladi cracking it? 

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know we have a distinct viewpoint on almost everything in cricket. Our team understands the tactical side of the game much better than our competitors, which is critical to making accurate predictions, especially when they are made 12-18 hours before the game, which doubles the difficulty.

We begin by analysing the market and compiling a list of predictions that may be useful to you, which we then put through two different tests: 12thK analytics and 12thK tactical. A prediction will only be published if all three boxes are checked.

Isn’t it easier to be safe and make low-odds predictions?

It is, but we find it neither exciting nor challenging. And that would not be big enough for us to publicise how we are doing here. 

Also, you must invest significantly more to achieve anything meaningful through low-odds predictions. And while the first three might appear to be simple, when the fourth struggles and the fifth fails, the stress and time wasted in failing to make progress will inevitably lead to chasing losses and making more bad decisions. That’s a slippery slope. 

No other cricket content website does anything like this. Why is 12th Khiladi attempting something so unique?

Many websites provide faster news, some provide quality information in the form of stats, and some help you understand the game better by providing high-quality analysis, opinion pieces, and player interviews, but all of this is a luxury. We do a lot of it as well. However, to be entertained and amused, your basic needs must be met. And one of the most basic needs is financial wealth. That’s where 12th Khiladi comes in, assisting our readers in making direct, no-nonsense money.

We aim to make our readers richer, not through information or entertainment, but through money. Literally. 

I am new to 12th Khiladi. Where can I find all of your predictions?

Here: Cricket Predictions and Predictor Prasanna

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