BGMI Masters Series 2022

The second day of the final week belonged to Global Esports who just annihilated everyone on the battlegrounds. The team didn’t have a good run in the first three weeks of the tournament but they are now leading the points table with a huge lead. The team who got their hopes crushed again was Team Soul as they tried very hard to grab a Chicken Dinner but couldn’t get one.

Here are all the highlights from the Final Week Day 2 of the BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Winner- Chemin Esports

MVP of the match- rony

The first match of the day saw a lot of action in the green pastures of Erangel. The match started usually but in the end felt like a arena fight between Soul and Chemin. Evreyone was sure taht Soul was going to win the match but Chemin’s DeltaPG put on a terrific performance and helped Chemin to win the match. Rony from Global Esports grabbed the MVP award with 5 finishes and 1163 damage points.

Match 2- Sanhok

Winner- Revenant Esports

MVP of the match- Paradox

The second match was won by Revenant Esports who got a Chicken Dinner after a long time. They played beautifully and finished 12 opponents in the match. Chemin was on the verge of achieving consecutive victories but they finished at #2. Team Insane also had a good run int his match and finished #3. The MVP was awarded to Paradox of Revenant Esports for 6 finishes and 556 damage points.

Match 3- Miramar

Winner- Orangutan

MVP of the match- Goblin

The Miramar map is always challenging to play because of its desert terrain. GodLike played well in this match and were strong contenders for the title until they were knocked out at #4. Soul went with all guns blazing but were again knocked out at #2. The MVP was given to Goblin for his exceptional performance. The Team Soul assaulter got 5 finishes, 1035 damage points and 360 healing done points.

Match 4- Erangel

Winner- Global Esports

MVP of the match- Rony

The final match was played in Erangel and just like the previous day the match was won by Global Esports again. The team that barely made it to the finals is heating up the contest with their brilliant playing skills. Global Esports got 17 finishes from the match and their final opponent was Chemin Esports. The MVP was grabbed by Rony who got 4 finishes and 1051 damage points.

Here are the team standings after Final week Day 2 of BGMI Masters Series 2022:

BGMS 2022 Grand Finals Overall Ranking

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