BGMI Masters Series 2022

The final week of BGMI Masters Series has started and day 1 was filled with a lot of action. GodLike’s Jonathan outshined everyone with his devastating gunplay and lethal nade throws. Soul didn’t get any wins but are still very much the favourites to win the series.

Overall the final week has started as it was meant to be with all the teams fighting for every inch of ground on the battleground. The fight for the championship is going to get more intense from here.

Here are all the highlights from the Final Week Day 1 of the BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Winner- Orangutan

MVP of the match- GobLiN

Enigma gaming the team which conquered week 3 was knocked out at #12. As the match reached its  final stages Soul had the zone and position advantage. zGod’s grenade knocked out Global Esports’ Joker. Godlike got eliminated at #3 with 10 finishes. In the end it was Orangutan who came out on top of everyone and won the match. Calculated decision making was the key to Orangutan’s win. GobLiN took the MVP with 8 finishes, 792 damage and 294 healing points.

Match 2- Sanhok

Winner- Team XO

MVP of the match- Sensei

The second match in Sanhok was won by Team XO who got 14 kills from the match. Their final opponent was Chemin Esports. Another team who performed well in the match was Skylightz Gaming. They got 16 points and finished 8 opponents in the match. The MVP was given to XO’s Sensei for 8 kills and 840 damage points.

Match 3- Miramar

Winner- GodLike

MVP of the match- Jonathan

The third match was completely dominated by GodLike from the beginning till the end. Team XO suffered a shock exit at #12. 8bit was also knocked out early at #7. Shadow went on a rampage and finished 5 opponents. Orangutan got 6 finishes and was knocked out at #3. Jonathan got 3 consecutive finishes in the final circle as GodLike rained hellfire upon their opponents. GodLike finished off the match in style near the Ladrillera and Chumacera region. Jonathan was awarded the MVP for 1067 damage points and 6 finishes.

Match 4- Erangel

Winner- Global Esports

MVP of the match- Joker

The final match started where the first match ended in Erangel. The match was won by Global Esports who played flawlessly. It looked like the entire squad was waiting for the final week to unleash themselves. Global Esports got 12 finishes from the match and their final opponent was Enigma Gaming.  GodLike’s second place finish in this match was pivotal in giving them the lead in the points table. The MVP was grabbed by Joker who got 5 finishes and 977 damage points.

Here are the team standings after Final week Day 1 of BGMI Masters Series 2022:

BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals Day 1
BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals Day 1

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