England vs India 1st ODI Prediction

Call 13: England vs India, 1st ODI – Over 54.5 fours to be hit in the match

Difficulty Level: Medium 

It’s simple: England has one of the best limited-overs batting units in the history of the game. And India is up against a subpar bowling attack. So, unless the Kennington Oval deck behaves differently than usual, there will be a lot of runs here. And in order to strengthen your case for being on the right side, you must include both teams rather than relying on just one.

Stat Box
  • Matches played at The Oval since 2019: Matches – 6, 4s – 312, Fours Per Match – 52
  • India since 2020 in ODIs: Innings – 21, Fours Per Innings – 26.1
  • England since 2020 in ODIs: Innings – 19, Fours Per Innings – 26.3

This match also features four of the top five boundary hitters in the world since 2017.

Player Number of 4s hit 4s Per Innings
Virat Kohli 450 5.4
Shikhar Dhawan 4205.7
Rohit Sharma4105.4
Jonny Bairstow 3525.6
Shai Hope 3303.8

Prediction Success Rate – 100% (Calls Made – 12, Right Calls – 8, Wrong Calls – 0, Calls Void – 4)

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