BGMI Masters Series 2022

The third week of BGMI Masters Series has concluded and Enigma Gaming emerged as the top team. They took home a huge prize money of INR 4,00,000. The team played beautifully throughout the whole week and their players were on fire as they fought their way to the top.

India’s first ever televised BGMI tournament has been packed with emotions since its beginning. There were lows and there were highs. Only one week to go until we have the champions of this tournament. In the final week only the top 16 teams out of 25 will be playing. Some big names like XSpark and TSM have been permanently knocked out of the tournament.

Here are all the highlights of Week 3 Finals Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Winner- Team Enigma Forever

MVP of the match- Fierce

Team Enigma Forever defeated Team XO in the final circle to win the Chicken Dinner. They achieved first place in the match by completing 10 eliminations. Team XO played brillantly as usual and raked up some good placement points from the match. XO’s Fierce became the MVP of the match with 6 finishes.

Match 2- Sanhok

Winner- Team GodLike

MVP of the match- Jonathan88

GodLike raised the heat of the battle in Sanhok. There were some hair raising moments as they defeated all 15 teams to claim the Chicken Dinner. They got 9 finishes from the match thanks to Jonathan who gave one of his best performances. He was also awarded the the MVP for five spectacular finishes.

Match 3- Miramar

Winner- Team Insane Esports

MVP of the match- Eggy

The third match in Sanhok was won by Team Insane. This team is one of the contenders for the championship. The players coordinated very well among themselves and took good startegic positions which helped them in conquering the vast desert land. In the final circle they were up against Team XO and Enigma Gaming two of the top teams in the tournament. However, Team Insane played confidently and finished the match in style. The MVP of the match was Eggy from Enigma Gaming.

Match 4- Erangel

Winner- Nigma Galaxy

MVP of the match- mj

Nigma Galaxy won the last match of the night with seven kills. They were fighting for the most Chicken Dinners this week with Chemin Esports. After winning this match they surpassed Chemin. The MVP of the match was awarded to mj for 5 finishes and 705 damage points.

Below is the list of the top prizes won by different players and teams

  • Eliminator (₹25,000)- Jonathan88 21 fin, 4144 dmg for most eliminations in a week
  • Cruiser (₹25,000)- DeltaPG from Chemin Esports for most walking distance
  • Damager (₹25,000)- Rexx from Enigma Gaming for most damage points 4884
  • Dost Award (₹25,000)- Rexx from Enigma Gaming for most assists
  • Saviour (₹25,000)- Rexx from Enigma Gaming for most revives
  • Survivor (₹25,000)- Immortal from Team XO for most survival time
  • Tapatap (₹25,000)- DeltaPG from Chemin Esports for most headshots
  • Motorhead (₹25,000)- MAC from Team Insane Esports for most vehicle distance
  • Doctor (₹25,000)- Justin from Chemin Esports for most healing done
  • MVP of the week (₹50,000)- Rexx from Enigma Gaming
  • Prize Money (₹4,00,000)- Enigma Gaming for finishing on top of the table in Week 3  
  • Hunger Cure (₹75,000)- Nigma Galaxy for most Winner Winner Chicken Dinners

So, the third week of BGMI Masters Series 2022 has ended. The main action begins Wednesday as the road to finale starts. The top 16 teams who have survived so far will be locking horns with each other to win the championship. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of the final week.

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