Shroud Joins Valorant roster of Sentinels

Shroud is making a comeback to competitive gaming with Valorant. The legendary streamer whose content is watched by millions of people worldwide has joined the Valorant roster of last year’s Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) winners Sentinels.
Shroud whose actual name is Michael Grzesiek hails from Canada and is known for his prowess in FPS (first-person shooter) games. He is idolized by gamers worldwide who try to replicate his killer instincts into their gameplay. The signing of Shroud was announced by Sentinels on Twitter.

The Valorant community was ecstatic after hearing this announcement. Riot Games’ global hit is pushing esports towards new horizons since its launch and with Shroud joining the professional Valorant scene things are just going to get bigger and more exciting.

Details of the acquisition

Shroud joining the Valorant roster is a big deal in the esports community. The former Cloud9 player is known for his lethal gunfighting skills and excellent positioning on the map. Sentinels who won last year’s VCT already has two skilled FPS players, ShahZaM and TenZ. According to reports, Shroud will be taking on the controller role in the roster during the upcoming North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier. Shroud himself confirmed while streaming that ShahZaM will serve as the IGL for the team.

The 28-year-old Shroud has played professionally in CS:GO in North America since the game’s release. He was part of Cloud9’s CS:GO roster from 2014 to 2017. He transitioned to full-time streaming for the organization in 2017 after stepping down from the starting squad, then in 2018, he left the organization and started streaming by himself. After the launch of Mixer, he signed a contract with them but reverted back to Twitch after the Microsoft-owned streaming platform was shut down in 2020.

Valorant’s gameplay is quite similar to CS:GO with both being 5v5 FPS. When the game was launched it was even touted as the CS:GO killer but Valve’s FPS is still soaring high. Regardless, many streamers and gaming professionals were debating which one is better and which is ideal for newer players. Shroud gave his opinion and said that CS:GO is turning into a dead game because of cheaters and hackers while Valorant takes strict actions against cheaters. He also mentioned getting started in Valorant is a lot easier while CS:GO has a very steep learning curve. You can watch Shroud’s comments here

Check out Shroud’s savage PUBG gameplay here

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