Riot Games’ popular FPS Valorant has a huge player base worldwide. The hit title has played a significant part in pushing esports forward. The game is a 5v5 multiplayer where players get to select from a range of characters (called agents) to play. Each character has different abilities that players can use to outplay their opponents and assist their teammates.

The game’s unique aesthetics makes it appealing and provides an immersive experience to the players. Like all multiplayer games, Valorant thrives on its gaming community. Now, a hardcore Valorant player has developed a hardware integration that has made the game even more captivating. The integration makes use of LEDs where the lights glow according to different moves performed in the game.

Valorant player develops super responsive LED integration

Details of the hardware integration

The integration has been developed using LED lights where the lights glow in accordance with a particular agent’s ability. Some of the popular agents in Valorant are Cypher, Jett, Raze, Fade, Sage, and Sova. The LED integration has been developed in such a way that it gets triggered during specific movesets in a match. For example, Cypher has the ability to set a trip wire which reveals the location of opponent players once it is touched. When the LED integration is enabled a small blue line across the keyboard is triggered where the lights glow similar to the animation on-screen. Similarly, ’s dash triggers a blue movement effect that changes direction. The colour effect for almost every other skill in the game matches its in-game counterpart.

This super responsive hardware integration has been developed by Reddit user DaKrazyKid. He shared a video on Reddit where you can see this amazing integration in its working state.

The developer of this integration has also said that this feature currently works with computer hardware from certain manufacturers like Razer, Logitech, Corsair and along with some others.

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