BGMI Maters Series 2022

Action continues in India’s first ever televised BGMI tournament as 24 teams fought against each other to secure a place in the weekly finals. Among all the teams, it was Orangutan who showed their prowess throughout the night. The Ape Army maintained their consistency in the third week of the tournament and shows everyone they will hold ground until the end to win the competition.

Here are all the highlights of Week 3 Day 1 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Group A & B

Winner- Orangutan

MVP- Attanki

The first match started in Erangel. In the beginning the fight started between three teams Global Esports, Hydearbad Hydras and FS Esports. FS Esports performed an amazing maneuver and knocked out Hydearbad Hydras. The team who put on a spectacular show of coordination and strategy was Orangutan. They eliminated Team XSpark early in the game after that during the final stages of the game Orangutan knocked out two heavyweights Team XO and OR Esports. Quite deservingly they took home the WWCD in the end.

Match 2- Miramar

Group- A & B

Winner- Chemin Esports

MVP of the match- Destro

The second match of the day began in Miramar. The desert terrains offer a lot of nail biting moments every time. It’s a big map and teams try to take advantage of high ground positioning. The teams gave it all to prove their mettle in this map. But two teams were par above everybody else, Blind Esports and Chemin Esports. The fight reached its climax when Blind Esports took position on the top floor of a building. This gave them the high ground advantage which every team aims for in Miramar. They took out FS Esports who were out in the open and allowed Blind to take clear shots on them. Esports matches are incomplete without clutches (a moment where the last man standing wins a match for his team) and this match saw a fantastic clutch from Chemin’s Justin. During the final showdown Blind pushed hard to claim victory and at the same moment Justin revived his teammate who knocked out his opponents. Justin’s amazing performance helped Chemin bounce back into the competition and win the WWCD.

Match 3- Sanhok

Group- B & C

Winner- Orangutan

MVP of the match- Sarang

The third match started in the rainforests of Sanhok where Orangutan proved their brilliance once again as they took home another WWCD. As the match started Revenant’s player Paradoxx was playing solo. He was long way away from his team when he came in contact with the entire squad of Enigma Gaming. He became the first player off the match to be knocked off.  Team XSpark was playing well in this match as they finished three players from Hyderabad Hydras. However they were knocked out later on by OR Esports. OR’s Attanki showed sheer dominance as he singlehandedly eliminated three of XSpark’s players. 7Sea Esports got the opportunity to play only one match where they capitalized well from it. The MVP of the match was given to 7Sea’s Sarang with 5 finishes and 465 damage points.

BGMI Maters Series - Week 3 Qualifiers
BGMI Maters Series – Week 3 Qualifiers Top 8

After the first match of the day the top 5 teams in the weekly qualifiers are Orangutan, Chemin Esports, OR Esports, Marcos Gaming and Team XO. Stay tuned with us as for detailed coverage of all the upcoming matches in BGMS 2022.

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