GodLike Esports a big name in Indian esports and professional gaming has built a huge 25,000 sq feet gaming facility in India. The facility known as GodLike Bootcamp is located in Mumbai, India. The esports titans have built a facility that is capable of housing the 40+ strong GodLike team. Their rosters from different esports games like Free Fire, Battlegrounds India Mobile (BGMI) and Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) will use the facility to improve their gameplaying skills.

How the GodLike Bootcamp came to be

The GodLike Bootcamp is the result of the team and director’s planning, hard work and perseverance for more than a year. The house will be used by the esports players, content creators and management team consists of five floors. It provides specialized features for the gaming team like ten streaming rooms, two conference rooms, server room, bespoke spaces to create content and host events. The facility also has spaces for staff members to chill out. GodLike Arena and GodLike Café have been exclusively made to help professionals zone out when they feel stressed out or during free time. The Bootcamp also provides residential facilities like ten bedrooms, kitchen, gym, and parking spaces. All in all the organization has created a perfect hub for nurturing talent.

GodLike Esports co-founder Amar Chandgude remarked, “This moment feels surreal. I remember speaking about doing something so significant when we started and back then, it seemed like a farfetched dream. The GodLike Bootcamp is one of our biggest achievements yet and we’re so excited to show it to our followers because all of this is possible because of them.”

GodLike Esports, which was founded in 2018, soon gained notoriety thanks to its management staff and talented players. The squad and players have achieved significant victories at some of the most important competitions, including Skyesports Championship 3.0, PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021, LOCO War of Glory 2021, and CODM India Challenge 2022. The group, which has two BGMI rosters, a CODM, and a Free Fire roster, has four rosters.

Check out the video released by GodLike Esports to catch a glimpse of the facility and what their staff members feel about it –

GodLike Gaming Facility in Mumbai

Head over here to take a look at the Bootcamp for yourself –

GodLike Gaming Facility Tour

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