The BGMI Masters Series continued its journey with the Week 2 Finals being held on Friday. The 16 qualifying teams who made their way to the finals after topping the points table collided with each other last night. Action started from the very beginning as the top performing teams of the competition gave everything to secure top position. The greatest turning point is the performance of Team Goldlike who showed everyone their class by picking up 47 points from 4 matches.  

Here are all the highlights of Week 2 Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Winner- OR Esports

MVP of the match- Jonathan88

Revenant Esports became the first team to get knocked out at #16. Team put up a stellar performance before exiting the match at #10 with 2 finishes. Team Soul maintained their consistency as usual and was among the final four teams left in the fight. Omega and Goblin were the only surviving players in the end. Godlike who were on the top of their game finished at #4 with 12 kills. The final zone circle consisted of XSpark, OR, GodLike and Soul. Due to the presence of these high profile teams the casters called this circle “the winner circle.” Team Soul got knocked out at #3 with 11 kills to their name. Finally it was OR who took home the WWCD. GodLike’s Jonathan became the MVP of the match with 5 finishes and 882 damage points.

Match 2- Sanhok

Winner- Team XO

MVP of the match- Attanki

The next match started in Sanhok which was filled with some thrilling gunfights. Nigma Galaxy, Chemin, and XO maintained their consistency and picked up some good position points.

Two of the best teams of the tournament OR and XO took the fight to the final zone circle. But OR got eliminated and it was XO who claimed #1 after knocking out Nigma.  The MVP was picked up by OR’s Attanki.

Match 3- Miramar

Winner- Rivalry Esports

MVP of the match- Admino

For the third match of the day the teams were dropped in the desert land of Miramar. Team Godlike was determined from the start and rotated throughout the map accordingly. Miramar is a map where high ground advantage matters the most among all the maps in BGMI. The last fight took place between Rivalry and GodLike where the former had four surviving players and the latter had two. Zgod and Jonathan were the only players left but they were knocked out and Rivalry finished in 1st position to take home the chicken dinner.

Matvh 4- Erangel

Winner- Orangutan

MVP of the match- WizzGOD

The final match began where the first match ended, Erangel. Chemin Esports who got good placement points once again finished #3 in this match. Rivalry continued their momentum from the last match in Miramar and went head to head with Orangutan. However, Orangutan had more number of players than Rivalry which gave them an upper hand. The numerical advantage and WizzGOD’s destructive gunplay helped Orangutan win the WWCD.

Take a look at the points table after Week 2 Finals Day 1

The first day of the weekly finals saw some good gunfights and rotation strategies from the teams to gain dominance in the tournament. But the most talked about scenario is how GodLike is finally bouncing back and thrilling us with their exceptional skills.

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