BGMI Masters Series

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 has ended with today being the last of the weekly qualifiers. Out of the 24 teams the top 16 teams will be playing through the weekend to win the weekly finals. Today we saw some top class battle royale gameplay from all the teams. All the matches played today were extraordinarily competitive as players were adamant in getting finishes for their teams.

Here are all the highlights of Week 2 Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Group- B & C

Winner- Orangutan Gaming

MVP of the match- Driger

The game started with disappointment for OR Esports fans as they were knocked out early in the game. Yesterday also they failed to put on a good performance. Chemin Esports became the next team to go out at 14th position. Godlike showed some promise but was eliminated at #12. Jonathan gave it all to keep his team in the fight as he became the last player to be knocked out. Soul swiftly eliminated R esports and as the match went further both XO and Soul took position inside the safe zone. However, Soul was knocked out at 5th position. Believe went on a rampage and got 5 kills but it was Orangutan who survived till the end and finished in #1.

Match 2- Sanhok

Group- A & C

Winner- Rivalry Esports

MVP of the match- MadMan

The match in Sanhok was filled with adrenaline pumping action as usual. Enigma Gaming who was one of the favorites in this game was knocked out at #7. Blind Esports put up a good fight till the last stage of the game and finished at #4. During the last stage three teams survived which were Rivalry, 7sea and 8bit final round. Admino carved out 5 kills from the match. Rivalry Esports had the last laugh as they claimed the Chicken Dinner.

Match 3- Erangel

Group- A & C

Winner- 8Bit

MVP of the match- MadMan

In the last match the teams returned to Erangel again. The match got off to a blazing start as Team Insane started chasing XSpark’s Sayyam with vehicles from all sides. It was show of sheer dominance as they started surrounding the last standing player of XSpark. XSpark failed to survive the assault and was eliminated at #16. The fight was thrill to watch as it started from Gatka and went all the way to the ferry pier. However, Team Insane’s run was halted as they got knocked out at #12. Enigma Gaming finished at #9 with 4 kills while R esports got 13 kills and finished at #6. The final act of the battle began near the lighthouse where XO and 8bit engaged in a grenade fight with each other. 8bit had the high ground and safe zone advantage as they won in an exhilarating way. The casters called the match one of the best matches of the tournament.

Here are the final standings after the end of the qualifiers

BGMI Masters Series 2022
BGMI Masters Series 2022
BGMI Masters Series 2022

8bit’s star player MadMan claimed a total of 2344 damage points and mesmerized us with his magical shooting skills. The final match in Erangel ended the qualifying stages of Week and from tomorrow we will see the qualifying teams fighting it out for the top prize of INR 25,00,000.

The teams which qualified for the weekly finals are Orangutan, 8bit, Team XO, Enigma Gaming, OR Esports, Revenant Esports, Blind Esports, Team Soul, Marcos Gaming, Team Insane Esports, Chemin Esports, Skylightz Gaming, Rivalry Esports, Team Godlike, Team XSpark and Nigma Galaxy.

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