BGMI Maters Series

The third day of the qualifiers was filled with twists and turns. Teams engaged in heated gunfights with each other and kept themselves busy in the battlegrounds. The tournament is going all the way to give esports fans all the action. India’s first televised BGMI tournament is living up to the hype by bringing world class sports entertainment to its viewers.

Here are all the highlights of Week 2 Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Group- A & B

Winner- Enigma Gaming

MVP of the match- Eggy

The players got off to a fiery start from the very beginning. GodLike started with a good composure in the second match of the night. Shadow picked up 3 finishes but their best efforts fell short as the team got knocked out at 10th position. OR followed GodLike and became the next team to get eliminated from the match. The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) was picked up by Enigma Gaming who got 16 finishes. The team played with high ground advantage while showing their supremacy from the very beginning. Eggy was awarded the MVP with 10 finishes and 1751 damage points. Team Soul’s Goblin claimed second position with 908 damage points.

Match 2- Sanhok

Group- A & B

Winner- Orangutan

MVP of the match- Aaru

8bit who had a lot of firepower started the match aggressively but was knocked out at #15. Soul Omega knocked out Chemin Esports’ Justin with a neat gun spray. Enigma the winner of the last matched was eliminated at 12th. They got 4 finishes before getting decimated by OR with nades. TSM finally got off to a good start but was knocked out #6. The final act played out with four teams among whom Team Orangutan emerged victorious.

Match 3- Miramar

Group- B & C

Winner- GodLike

MVP of the match- AKop

Team Soul finished at #10 and raked some good points overall with their consistent performance. Mavii did some top class fragging and picked up 2 kills while doing so. Team XSpark finished the match in #7. The match reached a point of crescendo in the end. Three teams GodLike, Orangutan and Marcos went against each other with their full might. GodLike went berserker and finished off Orangutan and Marcos. Jonathan was on the top of his game with 5 finishes. GodLike’s win finally silenced their critics and thrilled their fans.

After Matchday 3 the top 3 teams in the points table are Orangutan, Enigma and OR with 100, 73 and 73 points respectively. The top team tonight was undoubtedly Orangutan with maximum damage dealt, one second finish and one Chicken Dinner. GodLike’s turnaround means a lot to its players and fans. After the match Jonathan thanked the fans for believing in them and reaffirmed that GodLike exists to serve its fans.

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