Rise of Legion APAC South Season 1 Grand Finals Highlights

The Esports Club’s (TEC) Rise of Legion Apex Legends Season 1 concluded recently. The tournament was filled with a lot of bombastic action as Revenant Esports became the champion. A lot was riding in this tournament and most fans rooted for Reignite to win the championship but they finished third. The tournament hosted teams from South Asia and Southeast Asia in a heated competition featuring the fan favorite battle royale game.

The Rise of Legion APAC (Asia Pacific) South Event was organized by The Esports Club. The organization which is committed to build esports communities in South Asia invited 15 teams from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka to compete for slots in the group stage of the Rise of Legion APAC (Asia Pacific) South Event. The APAC South region is one of the strongest regions in Apex Legends esports. The fans enjoy the adrenaline rush of the game while players like the bouts among themselves.

Rise of Legion APAC South Season 1 Grand Finals Highlights

The tournament started with some hair-raising matches and continued with the same momentum until the very last day. In the final stages four teams were in contention to claim the winning prize. Among the top four teams EXO Clan and Team Burger were knocked out early in the 12th and final match. The remaining two teams were Reignite and Revenant who headed into a fierce battle to assert their dominance in the game. Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose of Reignite went on a home run as he pulled off some beautiful finishes and became the kill leader.  However, his best efforts fail short as Reignite finished third in the tournament.

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