BGMI Masters Series 2022, Week 2 Match day 2

The action continues in the BGMI Masters Series with the fight between the teams getting more intense. India’s first ever televised BGMI tournament is proving to be one of the most competitive ones with each passing day.  

There was a lot of thrill and action last night with top-notch battle royale gameplay. Players are giving it all to qualify for the weekly finals. The IGLs are coming up with new tactics to make sure that their team does not stumble. Like in the beginning of Matchday 2, Jelly (IGL of OR)and Omega (IGL of Soul) both revealed that they are saving up their star players for the finals. Both IGLs hence implied that their finest stars will be deployed as trump cards during the final stages. When asked to speak about each other, Jelly said that he has immense respect for Omega who he believes has the best aggression and composure balance.

Here are all the highlights of Week 2 Day 2 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Group- B & C

Winner- XO

MVP of the match- Wizzgod

The first match started with GodLike getting knocked out at 15th. In a head on conflict with Team Insane near the Erangel pit, GodLike failed to gain the upper hand. Insane was firing on all cylinders and got some great finishes. One of the greatest moments was when they took down Blind Esports by surrounding them with vehicles from all sides while one player executed the kills. Despite being one of the best teams in the match they failed to get the Chicken Dinner which was won by Team XO.  

Match 2- Miramar

Group C & A

Winner- Team Rivalry

MVP of the match- Admino

The second match was another great competition between BGMI prodigies. The winners of the last match were knocked out early in the game. Team 8bit won some great tussles while decimating players. They got 12 finishes and were knocked out of the match at 4th. Rivalry Esports who got the first Chicken Dinner in the tournament won the penultimate fight due to high ground advantage in Miramar. Admino who got the MVP secured 923 damage points and 4 finishes.  

Match 3- Erangel

Group- A & C

Winner- Blind Esports

MVP of the match- topdawggg

In the final fight of the night action resumed in Erangel. XO were unable to put up a good performance again by failing to finish in the top 5. Blind Esports tasted victory after winning the final match. They might have been ambushed in tonight’s first match but their confidence was nevertheless the same until the final fight.

After Matchday 2 the top 3 teams in the points table are OR Esports, Revenant Esports and Team XO with 51, 46 and 43 points respectively.

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