BGMI Masters Series: Week 2 Day 1 Qualifiers Highlights

The BGMI Masters Series has taken eSports fans through a storm. The Launch Week has been completed with Skylightz Gaming taking the top spot. The second week of the tournament starts yesterday and will feature qualifying matches. The qualifiers for this week will be held from  Monday to Thursday. The top teams will play in the Qualifier Finals held from Friday to Sunday. Check out the detailed schedule of the tournament here   

Here are all the highlights of Week 2 Day 1 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1 of the night started in Erangel. The teams gave their all while fighting for the Chicken Dinner. The zone circles started building around Lipovka where the drama unfolded. Team Soul got 10 finishes and were knocked out at 3rd place. FS Esports put up a fierce fight till the end and got the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

The second match of the night was played in the desert terrains of Miramar. The match was dominated by Enigma Gaming from the beginning. Victory was claimed by Enigma Gaming and Eggy was awarded with the MVP. It was a fight till death with Skylightz and they won it brilliantly. Enigma got the advantage of the higher ground where the final zone circle formed.

Sanhok was the map for the third and final match of the night. The match saw a head to head battle between R Esports and XO. GodLike failed to gain a good finish and was eliminated at 13th place. OR started raining down hellfire on their opponents and continued to do so until they claimed the top position. The final fight of the match took place between OR Esports and Revenant. Aatanki claimed the MVP with 5 finishes and 972 damage points.

The winner of the final game OR was undoubtedly the best team on the field tonight. Check out the points table after the first qualifier match.

BGMI Masters Series Top 8 after Week 2 Day 1.
BGMI Masters Series Top 8 after Week 2 Day 1.

The analysts said after the match that OR took payback for losing the first prize of the Launch Week and showed everyone that they mean business.

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