BGMI Masters Series Day 3

The Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series saw some spectacular matches. A lot was at stake for the teams because tonight they all needed to prove their mettle to take the top prizes .

Here are all the highlights of Day 3:

Match 9 started in Miramar and was played between Group A & Group C. Orangutan was eliminated by GodLike early in the game. GodLike showed promise in the beginning but was eliminated at 11th while rotating. Team Soul finished 5th with 4 finishes and Skylightz Gaming took home the Chicken Dinner. The MVP of the match was Fierce with 5 finishes and 528 damage points.

In the second match (Match 10) of the night, action started in Erangel. This match was again fought between Group B & C. In the beginning of the match Soul took position in Mylta. The momentum kept on building as Soul Goblin went on a spree with his M416. But Team Soul was soon surrounded by Sensei and Punkk and got eliminated at 11th. Topdawggg played beautifully and almost single-handedly pulled his team into the top 3. In the final fight that ensued in the barn between Skylightz, Nigma Galaxy and Revenant Saumraj the IGL of Skylightz led his team to victory.

The third match of the night and Match 11 of BGMS was played in Sanhok. This game started off slowly in the beginning. 8bit Madman took on Jaxxon of Hydra Esports and finished him off. Team Soul finished at 12th with 5 finishes. The first position was claimed by Team Enigma Forever. Owais027 was crowned the MVP and Encore dealt the most damages in the game.

The final match of launch week (Match 12) took place between Group A & C. Surprisingly back to back wins became a regular thing as Team Enigma Forever won again in Erangel. Team Soul raked up some good points again as they finished 3rd. Manya got the MVP with 5 finishes and 737 damage points.

The Launch Week ended and it was time for the players to get some taste of the massive prizes in India’s first ever televised BGMI tournament. Skylightz Gaming got INR 4,00,000 for finishing top of the table. Chemin Esports’ Destro was awarded the Eliminator and got INR 25,000. TSM’s BlazeOP got the Dost award and cruiser with INR 25,000 for each. Jonathan88 got INR 25,000 and was awarded the damager. Hector, Claadi, Wixxky, Juicy, Gamlaboyyyy were rewarded Saviour, Survivor, Tapatap (most headshots), Motorhead (most avg. driving time), Doctor (most healing) respectively. All these ranks carried a cash prize of INR 25,000. Team XO’s Fierce became the MVP of the Launch Week and took home INR 50,000. Finally the Hunger Cure was awarded to Skylightz Gaming which had an amount of 75,000.  

The Day 3 of the tournament saw the distribution of the prizes. Take a look at the points table after the end of the Launch Week.


The tournament has a huge prize pool of INR 1.5 crore. The competition will get more intense in the coming week as the qualifiers kick off. Stay tuned for all the post match highlights.

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