BGMI Masters Series

The BGMI Masters Series continued to Day 2 and there was a lot of action in the battlegrounds. amidst massive fervor and hype with some scintillating action on the first day. Two matches in Erangel, one in Miramar and one in Sanhok took place on June 25th (Friday) and at the end of the day, it was OR Esports that stole the show.

All the matches were exciting and thrilling to watch. The first televised BGMI tournament couldn’t have started any better.

Here are all the highlights of Day 2:

Match 5 started in Miramar. The match was played between Group A & Group C. We saw some fantastic tap shots from R Esports’ Jaadu. After an intense 1v1 fight Soul’s Goblin took out Roksta from R Esports and with that R Esports was eliminated from the match. Topdawggg pulled a fantastic clutch against TEF as a heated gunfight ensued inside a building. Ultimately, Team Enigma Forever was defeated by Revenant Esports.

During the final stages of the match TSM engaged head on with Team Soul. Soul’s Hector was pulling off some brilliant knocks but got knocked out by Explicit in the process while playing out of boundaries. Team Soul managed to win the match in the end and Goblin ended up with the most number of finishes in the match. Among other top players of the match Encore gave the highest damage to his opponents while most number of assists were provided by Akshat. 

In the second match (Match 6) of the night, action started in Erangel as Explicit took down Paradox quite early in the game. There was a great moment of team coordination as Jaadu was saved by Kanary from getting killed. A few moments later XO got knocked out by TSM. Grenadier Mavi finished Team XSpark with nades. TEF got their payback on Revenant as the latter was knocked out of the match in 8th position. Team Soul got knocked out in 3rd position and the match ended with Team Insane winning the match. Most finishes and damages in the match were claimed by Mavi who was also awarded the MVP.

The third match of the night and Match 7 of BGMS started in Erangel again and was fought between Group A & B. The match saw another dismal performance from TSM as they were eliminated at 15th position near Pochinki. Jaddu finished off Shadow with a pan. Hyderabad Hydras got 2 finishes and were eliminated at 9th after putting up a good fight. During the final showdown of the match Team Insane won a 1v2 clutch against OR and became the winner again. Explicit from FS Esports got the MVP in this match along with maximum finishes and healing.

The final match (Match 8) took place between Group A & B. There was no shortage of drama as Team Enigma drew first blood in Sanhok. TEF knocked out two players of R Esports with brilliant gunplay. In this match, Savitar went on a rampage and raked up 5 finishes. GodLike finally gained their footing in the tournament and finished at 3rd position after a decent fight.

All eyes were on Team Inasne for a third consecutive win but they were knocked out at 11th. An immense battle of nading and shooting started in the end between Jonathan, Zaddy and Rage. In the end Blind Esports emerged victorious with Savitar getting the MVP (849 damage points and 6 finishes).

The second day of the tournament was more intense than the last one. We are hoping this momentum will continue as we bring to you all the latest updates tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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