BGMI Masters Series Day 1 Highlights

The BGMI Masters Series kicked off amidst massive fervor and hype with some scintillating action on the first day. Two matches in Erangel, one in Miramar and one in Sanhok took place on June 25th (Friday) and at the end of the day, it was OR Esports that stole the show.

All the matches were exciting and thrilling to watch. The first televised BGMI tournament couldn’t have started any better.

Here are all the highlights of Day 1:

The first match of the night started in Erangel. An intense battle was fought between all the teams. Ultimately the Chicken Dinner was claimed by Chemin Esports. The match saw the teams giving it all to make their presence known in the battlegrounds. DeltaPG became the MVP of the first match with 3 knockouts and 5 finishes.

The second match turned up the heat on the very first night of the tournament. The match was played in Miramar which is arguably the largest map in BGMI. The match was won by Orangutan Esports who survived until the end. The top two performing players of the match were AKop and Clutch. The MVP was picked up by AKop who knocked out 4 players and killed 6.

The third match started in Sanhok which is the smallest map in the entire game. In the rainforests of Sanhok all eyes were on Team Mortal. One of the casters even said, “Once Soul gets momentum, they are almost impossible to stop.” The assault rifle M416 was heavily used in this game and OR Esports became the last team standing.

BGMI Masters Series

In the 4th match we returned to Erangel again and saw all the teams fighting for survival in the terrains of Erangel. In this match Team XO had the last laugh as they got Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

So, in the end we have today’s points table where the top 5 teams are OR Esports, Orangutan, Chemin Esports, Blind Esports and Skylightz Gaming.

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