The controversy over Godlike signing one the most renowned gamers in the Indian esports community gets bigger, TSM India has announced legal action.

The controversy and conflict between TSM India and Godlike is getting bigger.

Days after Godlike signed gamer Shadow, TSM India has announced legal action against the former for poaching one of their players. TSM has alleged the latter of wrongfully signed one of their players.

The player Arjun Mandhalkar who is known around the BGMI community by his in-game name Shadow has also been accused by TSM for violating the terms of contract.

Jeff Chau, the Director of Mobile at TSM has tweeted a few minutes ago that the organisation “is pursuing legal action to preserve the integrity of competitive esports in India.”

This would mean that the two participating teams in BGMI Masters will fight a legal battle to resolve the matter which is been creating waves in the Indian esports scene.

The BGMI Masters Series 2022 which will be starting from June 24 has been surrounded by this fiasco since the last couple of days. The tournament is going to be India’s first ever BGMI competition broadcasted on live television.

Before the start of the tournament the two teams have engaged in a feud which will probably go a long way. The feud started after Shadow left TSM India to join GodLike Esports. TSM India accused GodLike of wrongfully signing a player who still has an active contract with them.

Shadow was an important player in TSM India’s BGMI roster but due to some dismal performances he was benched by TSM when they failed to qualify for the BMPS (BGMI Pro Series). Shadow was also discontent with the team’s decision to bench him which prompted him to switch sides before the BGMI Masters Series 2022.

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