Are you looking for a platform to show how good you are in fantasy cricket and be paid for it at the same time? Or you already have a platform, but it asks you to do mundane stuff like ‘give us just 11 names, C/VC, and explain in not more than one line why you have done what you have’? We can’t see how that can motivate anyone beyond a point.

Do you want to do the kind of work you will be proud of when you look back? This, right here, is your golden opportunity to do justice to your talent and earn well simultaneously.

Look at our fantasy coverage – the depth we went to during the IPL and the creative twist we have given it post IPL. Our fantasy articles already contribute to 1/3rd of our total link hits. To do that in our first couple of months is huge. But at 12th Khiladi, we are never satisfied. We want to make it bigger and better. And we need the best rising stars in the fantasy cricket scene to accomplish that.  

So, that’s our side of the story. If you are sold, here is what you have to do: compete with our in-house fantasy guru, Guru Govind, and depending on how heavily you beat him, either share or grab the throne from him. 

Some FAQs:

How do you decide the winner? 

It is simple. If you are eligible, register and participate in the 20-day comp; the one with the most points at the end of 20 days wins.

Eligible? What’s the eligibility?  

Anyone who has played 100 or more contests on any of the top fantasy platforms and has a win rate of 40% or more is eligible. 

Okay, but how do I register? 

Mail your name, phone number, and a screenshot of your win rate and the total number of contests played in any of the top fantasy platforms to If you qualify, we will confirm your registration in 3 days.

Why 20 days, though? 

Because consistency matters. In a format like daily fantasy, anyone can beat anyone on a given day, but consistently being above par is what makes a difference. And when you become part of our team, you will be required to do a maximum of 45 fantasy articles per month as well, so we will have to see how you hold up to the rigours of the role.

So should I just give teams or write an article as well?

For now, just the teams is enough. 

Sounds good so far. When does the competition start?

June 25.

You talked about getting paid. Will I be paid during the competition too? 

Good try, but nope. You will be paid once you become a part of our team. 

Can you expand on ‘depending on how heavily you beat Guru Govind, either share or grab the throne from him’? 

Over the 20 days, if you beat Guru Govind by 10% more points, you take the throne away from him. On the other hand, if you beat him by 6-9% more points, you share the throne with him and become part of our fantasy analytics team. 

However, if you beat him, but not by more than 5% points, Govind holds the throne, and it will be entirely at our discretion whether you share the throne with him. 

For all games covered by Guru Govind in this period, you will also have to share your final team 20 minutes before the scheduled start of every game (it is the same for our Guru as well), and we will keep a record of it. At the end of 20 days, the one with the most points wins. 

Why should we beat Guru Govind by more than 5% points? 

There is a lot of pressure that comes with carrying the Guru tag and covering fantasy with your teams out there for everyone to see. You open yourself up to negative comments if something doesn’t go well, which can, in turn, affect you mentally. And on top of it, there is also the added factor of defending his throne this time! So we want to be fair to him, just like we will be fair to you when you are with us.

Alrighty! Where should we submit our teams? 

We will give you an update on that and more after finalising our participants. 

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  1. Which matches u consider becoz lots of matches is there , special that ecs … that’s only depends on luck…

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