Day 1, Call 1: Race to 10 runs: Quinton de Kock vs Temba Bavuma

Winner: Quinton de Kock

Why? Well, the stats tell a story. 

  • Powerplay SR in T20Is since 2020: QDK – 153; Bavuma – 108
  • BPB in T20Is since 2020: QDK – 4.25; Bavuma – 7.6
  • Powerplay Avg in T20Is since 2020: QDK – 61; Bavuma – 18

Quinton de Kock scores much faster than Temba Bavuma and is more secure at the crease. As indicated by an average of 61 and a strike rate of 153, the South African wicketkeeper is one of the most destructive batters in the powerplay in world cricket and hence stands a better chance to not only score 10 runs but also get to it faster.

Difficulty level: Medium

The numbers are clearly in favour of de Kock. So why is the difficulty level ‘medium’ and not easy? 

Rarely is a prediction easy when it involves only one player. Even the great Sachin Tendulkar has been dismissed at a score of 10 or under in 112 of his 452 ODI innings. And that’s in a more conservative 50 overs format. Only when a prediction involves the entire team will it be categorised under ‘easy’ because, in such a setting, you can afford something to go wrong and still get it right. 

In this case, all it needs is one ball to get de Kock out and then Bavuma can get to his 10 runs at his own pace. Besides, it is only a race to 10 runs. If it is your day, even Rahul Dravid can win a 10-run race vs Virender Sehwag, as all you need is a couple of bad balls to be put away. Sehwag would stand a better chance in a race to 25 or 50 runs, for example, as it involves being exceptional for a more extended period. 

So the odds for this to work are in your favour, but it can’t be categorised as ‘easy’. 

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